As children grow at an average of half a size every three months, parents often forget to measure the size of their kids’ shoes which leads to buying the wrong shoes and that, is not a little deal, because it’s related to your little ones. Thus, as parents, you need to be sensitive and aware about the environments they walk, run and play in.

To make your online purchase process easier, we have a conversion chart with all possible kinds of shoes sizes along with the age group and the size measurement in centimetres and inches.

S. no.AgeSizeSize (in cm)Size (in inches)
1.1 to 4 years512.14 ¾
2.1 to 4 years6135 1/8
3.1 to 4 years7145 ½
4.1 to 4 years814.65 ¾
5.1 to 4 years915.66 1/8
6.1 to 4 years1016.56 ½
7.4 to 8 years119.77 ¾
8.4 to 8 years220.68 1/8
9.4 to 8 years321.68 ½
10.4 to 8 years1118.47 ¼
11.4 to 8 years1219.17 ½
12.4 to 8 years1319.47 5/8
13.8 to 12 years422.28 ¾
14.8 to 12 years523.29 1/8
15.8 to 12 years624.19 ½
16.8 to 12 years724.89 ¾

Here are some useful tips to check before buying shoes for your kids online or while they are trying the shoes:

  1. As already said in the beginning of the paragraph, parents should check the size of their kid’s feet often, so that they can make the right choice of shoe size. Never let your kids wear shoes that are too small for their feet!
  2. Ensure a space of about a half an inch or a little more in your child’s shoes. This can be done by pressing on the tip of a shoe with your thumb or taking the insoles out and setting them on the floor and then have your child stand on the insoles with their heels and arches in the proper places.
  3. If your kid weighs more than 80 pounds, then kindly switch to adult shoes because kids’ shoes cannot support heavier loads.

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