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Get the Kind of Shoes You Want Customize

Get the Kind of Shoes You Want Customize

Do you think the shoe designs in the market are too regular? Do you want something extra funky? DO you have superb designs that you want just for your shoes? From the baseball or basketball shoes to the classics, now you have the power to design customize your shoes and show off the artist within you. This is the best way to express your creative-self through your shoes.

There are about 11 shoe parts that can be customized: base, vamp, tip, swoosh (logo), foxing, collar/lining, lace, midsole, outsole, tongue logo and the medial iD (where you can add a personalized text).
If you are still searching for the reason to get some customized shoes, we have the collected the reviews of people. Let’s look at their stories:

  1.  It doesn’t matter if the shoes are being made by the finest leather craftsmen in NYC or an old street cobbler in the back alleys of Vietnam, having another person hand make shoes just for you is a unique experience. Having hand-made shoes are simply luxurious. Before going custom I had always bought shoes from department stores and malls, and was usually disappointed by the fit, style selection, and quality of these mass-produced bricks. Nothing spoke to me as an individual.
  2. As a guy in his 20s that has experimented with many variations in personal style, I really do believe that shoes make the man. Be it on a date or at a business meeting, nice shoes command respect. They prove to other people that you value and respect yourself. So I believe that shoes are one of the best investments a man can make. I recently got some custom shoes and they fit like a glove! I have bought four pairs of custom shoes since then and I don’t see myself buying mass produced shoes anymore.
  3. Custom made shoes are definitely more comfortable for me as it is tailored to the exact measurements of my feet. Usually your feet are not of the same size (which you actually don't realize unless you measure them, or for example your left big toe is not identical to your right big toe), so having a shoe specially made for you actually feels good. In fact my shoes fit me snugly, which I really liked. You will probably like your shoes more too, as you can choose the materials. And of cause lastly is the feel good factor. The shoes didn't come exactly cheap, but I always feel a sense of pride when people stop me in the middle of the street and compliments on my shoes, which make me feel that my money is worthwhile.

The best online custom shoes are right here, right now! And the best part is, we will ship it out for you anywhere in the USA. So what are you waiting for? Check out the coolest custom shoes in the USA and grab your pair now to be your own kind.

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