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Men’s Casual is not to be Taken Casually

Men’s Casual is not to be Taken Casually

It is commonly said that shoes must complement our attire. Your shoes leave an eternal impression. Do you still wear your dress shoes on a daily basis? It’s okay, we won’t judge you because we know that there’s nothing less confusing than getting a good pair of casual shoes. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out with that. First, we would like to discuss the difference between dress and casual shoes and then we’ll explore some really cool casual shoes.

What is the difference between dress shoes and casual shoes?
Dress shoes are usually have closed lacing, whole cuts, cap toes, minimal broguing and a single leather sole whereas the casual shoes look more casual – with open lacing, split toes, rubber soles and significant broguing. There’s a simple formula to it: more broguing = more casual. Casual shoes also have oiled leathers that give a matte look to them or rubber soles. Dress shoes also look much more elegant and dressy.

Apart from dark shades of brown (like burgundy and oxblood) and the ever-mysterious and authoritative black (obviously!), all the shoes of other colours are considered to be casual.

Running out of options? Check out these:
1. Boat shoes: They are usually summer shoes. They were originally meant for boating (as their name implies) because of their water-resistant, non-slip sole and waxed leather design.

2. Moccasins: They are similar to loafers in design, although a unique thing about them is the rubber pebble soles. They are summer shoes too and can be worn with or without socks.

3. Tassels & Penny loafers: Penny Loafers are a good initial-point for a smart-casual wardrobe, and go along with any outfit. The material used in these types of shoes is suede. Tassels are made of either leather or suede and they are versatile too.

4. Sneakers: Most well-known, extremely comfortable and highly versatile. They go along with jeans, shorts and even slacks.

5. Chelsea Boots: An ideal choice for a smart-casual wardrobe and one of the most versatile shoes in the market. They are recognized by elastic side panels and slip-on design.

6. Desert or Chukka Boots: They are made of thinner leather or suede. Their soles are less chunky and are preferably made of rubber than leather. If you’re buying for summer, pale colours will be suitable whereas dark colours are better for winter season.

Men’s casuals are not simply restricted to these. There can be a mix of any of the two above and we’d get new casual footwear. The type of casuals chosen also depends on the lifestyle of the individual.

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