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Men's Leather Dress Shoes - Oxford & Derby Style

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Jacob Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $129.99 $67.99
  • Brown Beige
  • Olive/ Cream
Tour Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $129.99 $74.99
  • Olive/Cream
  • Lavender/Purple
  • White/Black
  • Black/Red
  • Black/White
Sassy Crocodile Ostrich Print Lace-Up Dress Shoes
Regular price $129.99 $67.99
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Grey
David Genuine Leather Red Bottom Dress Shoes
Regular price $149.99 From $52.99
  • Red/ Black
  • Brown/Tan
Jade Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes for Men
Regular price $149.99 $44.99
  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Navy
Tron Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $129.99 $67.99
  • Blue
  • Green
WINKLER EVA Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $139.99 $49.99
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Tan
  • Black
Redfern Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $109.99 $34.99
  • Bone
  • Black
Kazma Leather Oxford Style Lace Up Dress Shoes
Regular price $129.99 $64.99
  • Grey
  • Olive
  • Navy
  • Purple
Nobel Leather Derby Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $149.99 $44.99
  • Black
  • Brown
Philip Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes
Regular price $99.99 $52.99
  • Cream

Shop Men's Dress Shoes Crafted in Genuine Leather

Your outfit fits well when you wear shoes that enhance its elegance. Thus, LIBERTYZENO footwear also adds attraction to your appearance. They are an inevitable and integral part of one’s dress code. A wise shoe purchase via a shoe shop online like that of the LIBERTYZENO footwear collection elevates the beauty of clothing.

Appropriate selection of men’s leather shoes online doubles the dainty look of the dress one puts on. Dress shoes are formal wear which go well with the attire. If the footwear bought via an online shoe store is not selective the complete countenance becomes bland.

Classic Casual and Formal Wear Dress Shoe

A pair of casual or daily-wear dress shoes from Liberty Shoes Inc. comes with durable quality, comfortable facility, affordable price available in all-matching colors, pairs with any kind of outfit. The sleek, glossy and sophisticated look adds attraction to the attire one wears. The LIBERTYZENO offer is synonymous with durability, affordability, genuineness and reliability.

This is the result of a dedicated and committed sense of service to society in helping consumers not just buy shoes online but also keep their feet in good health sans causing a callous and ugly appearance.

Comfy-Wear for All-Day Standing

Typically casual and comfortable; facilitates easy gait because wearers do not feel the weight of the shoes. LIBERTYZENO men’s dress shoes are made of fine leather and of top-notch quality. Lining and sole compatibility contribute added characteristic features to one’s gait without triggering any sort of imbalance. Even the Wingtip Shoes, when traveling for a long time, keep our feet intact and comfy.

Toes of the shoes like that of two-tone dress shoes for instance that of LIBERTYZENO oxford leather dress shoes gives one a relaxed, free and easy feeling. These attributes bear ease and elegance too and at the same time, cater to the health needs of the feet. Men’s dress shoes made by Liberty Shoes Inc USA focus on imparting contentment of the customers concerning the overall structure and materials.

Added Advantage to Your Feet

LIBERTYZENO footwear collection in this category can be worn in all situations either daily wear or for special occasions. They are a sheer contrast to other shoes which go only with specific junctures. Many like premium leather dress shoes which are party wear also. The creditable component in the manufacture of these shoes is that either for dance or for a grand bash to which the elite are invited.

Its simplicity and arresting and charismatically appealing appearance do not fail to fascinate the people around you. The anatomy of these shoes is so well structured that it can be given the label of ‘Paragon’ in the field of footwear. The use of patent leather is the cynosure of our consumers.

They contain subtle nuances in style, look and finish. On the one hand, the classic style of these shoes lets the wearer feel its genuine make and captures the attention of the on-lookers. In a nutshell, they are the center of attraction. They are easy to remove without any irritating gestures. They are ideal footwear to be worn on all occasions. Online men’s dress shoes keep fashionable designs and trendy patterns with the intention to go with the changing times.

Ample Availability

Several varieties of men’s dress shoes like the black oxford shoes are found in all the outlets of the USA. In other words, LIBERTYZENO is prepared to serve its customers with men’s dress shoes which enables them to choose at the expense of their flair. Men’s dress shoes online does not disappoint any buyer with his/her selective attitude. We assure you that you will not go empty-handed or dissatisfied.

The available colors and sizes present a sartorial splendor and nicety. LIBERTYZENO formal shoes price, as well as that of the dress shoes, will make your pockets smile! This is the reason for which elites are drawn towards the Quality of LIBERTYZENO shoes which has adequate outlets in the United States of America.

Dress Shoes from LIBERTYZENO:




7 (M) US


Knitted Print

7.5 to 13 US


Leather Oxford Style

8 (M) US and Many More

Black High Top and Many More

Classy Derby Style

Worth Your While

The possession of men’s dress shoes for instance that of brogue shoes will be worth your while. It is a matter of passion to possess such footwear that fires a feeling of pride and gratification. Who does not like classic-style footwear? Needless to say that we make it a judicious option as far as men’s dress shoes are concerned. They make perfect formal footwear.

We take pride in supplying affordable ranges and desired qualitative material of shoes that lasts long. We sell durable products only. They are a cute product with the A1 quality manufactured in the trends that do not decline. For instance, brogue shoes are inarguably a product that makes you wearing them a heavenly delight.

Why Buy LIBERTYZENO Men’s Dress Shoes?

The only reason for one’s choice of our branded footwear is the overall texture that goes well with the garments one wears. Crafted in genuine leather and they make your feet comfortably cradled. If you become accustomed to using them you will not be gratified with any other make. It has been the fastest-moving brand in men’s footwear since its debut appearance.

Generally speaking, people do not know the significance of the security of one’s feet. On the contrary, they go for cheaply manufactured shoes and after using them for a short period, they realize their mistake. Such products are extrinsically gaudy but intrinsically defectively second-rate. Our collection is an embodiment of qualitative products in the domain of shoes for men.

Courteous Incentive – the Free Delivery:

Online men’s dress shoes are very particular about customers’ satisfaction and reliability. In particular, the LIBERTYZENO Oxford leather shoes are the flesh and blood of decorum in any trade. The feasible motive behind offering FREE DELIVERY to our consumers is to lessen the burden of the cost as much as possible and to the best of our monetary margin. Online buying is a genuine motivational gesture that saves time and provides pleasure to the buyer as he gets the color, quality, model and design that he desires staying at home.

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