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Classy Looks with Stylish Boot

Classy Looks with Stylish Boot

We know that you know that boots add a classy look to any outfit. But which boots go with what kind of personality and outfit? Because your look is not simply your appearance, it is a representation of who you truly are. Your appearance highlights your characteristics and your qualities. Today we want to share some type of boots for the women out there:

  1. Short, flat heel boots are suitable for people with a quiet personality. They go along well with short dress. Don’t use too much accessories with these shoes.
  2. Combat Boots: Most versatile of the boots and they are suitable with any kind of outfit. They were built to last.
  3. Low-cut Ankle boots: An obsequious style with mini-skirt or cuffed jeans. It is a combination of country and rock-n-roll styles.
  4. Calf-length boots make you feel like an international superstar. It is a country look with your shorts and you’re good-to-go for chilling out with your friends. But if you don’t wear it correctly, they make you look short and squat.
  5. Over-the-Knee (OTK) Boots: If people keep asking you in which basketball team you were, (because of your height), OTKs are here for you. OTK boots have anywhere between a 20 and 25-inch shaft while a thigh-high boot is a boot shaft over 25 inches. A nice sundress is a definite match for these boots. They are a fun style of boots that bring a whole lot of attitude to a look.
  6. Knee-high Boots: An alternative to OTKs, they are suitable for horse-riding activities with tailored pants or a summer dress. The sleeker the boots and the straighter the lines the better. The thick heel balances the high shaft of the boot and looks balanced.
  7. Cowboy Boots: They go well with a maxi dress and are quite trendy these days.
  8. Buckled-up boots give you a bold look. Pair it up with your short skirt and let people know that you are ready to go and get what you’re here for. For the fall season, you can also try it with white jeans. We know it’s an unexpected pair-up, but trust us, it looks fabulous.
  9. Studded boots are suitable for fancy hotel parties. They are made for urban personalities. Give an Indo-western look with lean denims and show off your bold personality!

We hope this article gave you a lot of inspiration to go out and explore and experiment with some boot fashion. At the end of the day, all that would matter is your comfort and your happiness.

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