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Introducing You to Mens Dress Shoes

Introducing You to Mens Dress Shoes

Introducing You to Mens Dress Shoes

We found this somewhere, and we couldn’t help agreeing: “Dress shoes can make or break your outfit”. Having an amazing pair of dress shoes is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Dress shoes are often worn at smart casual events or more formal events like parties, special occasions, etc. For easier understanding, you can say it is a contrast to athletic shoes.

Dress shoes are usually made of leather, suede, or rubber soles, although non-leather dress shoes are also available in the market. The most common colors in which dress shoes are usually available are - beige, black, white, blue, brown, tan, burgundy etc. From front to back, a dress shoe consists of four parts: toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. It’s the placement and construction of these four pieces that determine the individuality of a dress shoe. For better understanding of how dress shoes look like, let’s dive into the trendy types of dress shoes:

  1. The Oxford: Oxford shoes are also known as “Balmoral”, these shoes are identified by their “close lacing” i.e. the bottom of an Oxford shoe's lacing section is sewn closed. They easily go with any outfit. It is made of box calf leather and it should not have any broguing.

  2. The Derby: Also known as “Blucher”, these shoes are similar to Oxford except that they have “open lacing” and so a wider foot can fit. So, it is more comfortable and thus, more casual.

  3. Monk Strap: Monk Strap is a lace-less shoe, similar in shape to Oxford, but more formal than Derby and less formal than Oxford. It can be identified by a wide strap fastened with buckle closure.

  4. Loafer: They are slip-on shoes having saddles. Loafers They have a highly versatile style and ideal for warm-weather locations.

  5. Dress Boots: Dress shoes are Constructed like an Oxford, with a longer shaft. It is like a short lace-up boot. They are rugged and adaptable. It is suitable for rough weather if supported by rubber soles.

  6. Chelsea Boots: A versatile, lace-less ankle boot having rounded toes, low heels, and elastic gussets on the side. They are quite easy to wear and take off, so they are flexible and comfortable.

  7. The Chukka Boot: It is a lace-up ankle-length boot with only 2-3 eyelets on each side, rounded toes, minimal stitching, and open lacing, like the Derby. They are suitable for smart-casual, not formal attire.

  8. The Opera Boot: They are slip-on dress shoes, made of leather and having a bow. They are not so popular these days, but they are still the most formal dress shoes.

  9. The Brogue: Versatile, smart, casual, comfortable yet refined, and contemporary footwear. They are less formal than Oxfords.

  10. Wholecut leather shoes: They are made using high-quality leather and have a narrow shape, with clean lines and a smooth surface. They elevate your style and can be worn for the entire day.

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