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Black Suit Combinations and How to Style Them for Men

Black Suit Combinations and How to Style Them for Men

The origin of black suit combinations dates back centuries. It dates back to when formal attire became very popular. But modern day men find it tough to style black suits because they can seem formal and limit options for mixing and matching with other colors. They worry about looking too plain or overdressed.

But that is not the case, and we will showcase that today in this guide to black suit combinations and how to style them for various events. Yes, with some creativity and understanding of color coordination, black suits can be versatile and fashion oriented to any kind of occasion.

8 Best Black Suit Combinations for Men

1. How to Style Black Suit Combinations: Black Suit with Black Shirt

Black Suit, shirt and shoes Combinations for Men

A black-on-black like this black suit combination, means ultra sophisticated man! Black suit color combination with a black shirt is a sleek and monochromatic look. Black Oxford Style Brogue shoes or even black dress loafers will complete this men's formal black suit and shirt combination with the ideal black suit and shoes combination. You can wear silver cufflinks and a classic watch as accessories depending on the occasion. This black suit and shirt combo is perfect for black-tie events, award ceremonies and funerals.

2. The Ultimate Black Suit Color Combination: Black Suit with White Shirt

men wearing Black Suit with White Shirt and black leather shoes

A black suit and white shirt combination is the classic appearance for men. The stark contrast between the black suit and crisp white shirt creates a striking and polished look. A pair of formal black Premium leather shoes and a matching belt will give a very sleek appearance to your attire. Wearing cufflinks and a nice leather strap watch is a personal choice. This classic ensemble is ideal for wedding events, job interviews, or any other formal event where you wish to look very neat and professional.

3. How to Style Black Suit with Light Blue Shirt

Men wearing Black suit with Light Blue Shirt and Leather Shoes

A black suit and shirt combination in light blue means a soft hue that is catchy, but also has a very nice professional appearance. You must pair these with brown leather shoes like Oxfords, Brogues, Chukka Boots or Loafers, and also wear a silver or gold watch or subtle cufflinks (go for either cufflinks or shining watch only). This black suit and shirt combo is suitable for business casual settings like a working dinner meeting, evening events like cocktail parties, or even for highly sophisticated social gatherings.

4. The Always in Style Black Suit Color Combination: Black Suit Blue Shirt

Men Wearing Black Suit with Blue Shirt

The combination of black and blue dates back centuries. And it has retained its charm because it has a sophisticated and contemporary charm to it. When you pair black suit and light blue shirt with black or navy dress shoes like oxfords or brogues, it creates that perfectly polished finish. Accessories like a leather bracelet or patterned pocket square are just an add on to rock your day or event where you wear it. You can wear this complete attire to semi-formal events like casual working lunches, to friends’ cocktail parties, or a first formal date with your partner.

5. How to Style Black suit combinations with a Pink Shirt

You can make a very bold statement with a black suit and pink shirt combination. Because it is not easy for all men to carry the vibrant hue of the pink with the toughness of the suit! But if you pair them with the right black suit and shoes combination - Black or brown formal Dress Shoes boots or Loafer shoes, then maybe you can pull off the look very easily. Accessories like a floral lapel pin or statement watch will give you a very fashionable style. This daring combination is ideal for cocktail parties, social gatherings, and such gala evenings.

6. Semi-Casual Black Suit Color Combination: Black Suit and T-Shirt

Semi-Casual Black Suit Color Combination: Black Suit and T-Shirt

Black suit and t-shirt combination is a modern and casual look. Pair your suit with a crisp white t-shirt or something in light colors for a clean and relaxed look. What would be the ideal black suit and Cap Toe shoes combination for this attire? Well, clean white sneakers are needed for a laid-back but stylish appearance. You can wear this black suit and shirt combo to informal events like lunch dates, to casual outings with buddhism on a cold day or even for exploring the city on a vacation when you need great images for your social media! A hat as an accessory will complete the look of this black suit and shirt combination.

7. How to Style Black Suit Combinations with Turtlenecks

Black Suit Combinations with Turtlenecks

To stay warm and stylish with a black suit and turtleneck combination. Opt for a sleek black turtleneck to complement your suit for a sophisticated and refined look. Black Oxford shoes or black dress boots along with a matching belt, and a minimalist watch will make this men’s attire look very stylish. This black suit and shirt combination can work for semi-casual evenings, for winter business gatherings as well as a formal date night-walk with your BAE.

8. Vent Black Suit with a Shirt

Men wearing Vent Black Suit with a Shirt and monk strap shoes

The white shirt will add style as well as texture and appeal to your black suit and shirt combo. But for that you need to select a subtle shirt in complementary colors. This will retain the sophisticated yet modern look of the formal suit. Brown full grain leather shoes like boots or formal dress shoes, a leather messenger bag and a plain watch would be ideal to get your look noticed. This black suit and shirt combination is ideal for any daytime events, or any occasion where you want to make a fashion statement.

Our Final Advice would be that when putting together a black suit outfit, you should try adding some color and texture to make the black suit combinations more interesting. You can do this by choosing accessories like cufflinks or pocket squares in different tones. But for that do try them out in the mirror first and create a look that reflects your personal style and make you confident about it. Your confidence is the key.

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