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How to Wear Brogue: Men's Brogues Shoes Types to Style with Perfect Attires

How to Wear Brogue: Men's Brogues Shoes Types to Style with Perfect Attires

Brogue shoes for men have turned into a closet fundamental for men and are ranked among the most stylish shoes for men. They include interesting perforations and subtleties that can give character and style to any formal or easygoing clothing for men.

History & Naming of Brogue

The term 'brogue' is an Irish expression for a dress shoe for men that highlights ornamental components known as broguing. It was derived from the Irish word 'brog', which signifies a bold or harsh shoe'. These were initially planned for working outside and strolling the marshlands in Ireland and Scotland. But they became a statement over the years due to their exceptional looks, just like the Derby shoes.

Over the years, various changes have been made to the main brogue shoes to make them stylish to pair with different kinds of attire for men. This article is aimed at helping you with various brogue-style shoes and teaching you how to match shoes with clothes. Take a look...

Types of Men's Brogue Shoes

Men's Brogue Shoes Types and Guide Infographics

There are different sorts of brogue shoes available today, from those customary shoemakers to costly brands. But there are four main types that cut across styles, fashion trends and borders. You simply need to search for them perfectly positioned, as per the details below:

1. Full Brogue or Wingtip Shoes

Full Brogue Shoes or Wingtip Shoes

They are the most notorious type of brogue shoe and most liked among all the famed men's brogue shoes. This style has a sharp toe cap with wing-like augmentations that reach out up to the two sides of the shoe. What's more, the toe cap appears as though it has a 'W' or 'M' shape when seen from the top.

2. Semi or Half Brogue Shoes

Half and Semi Brogue Shoes

It was in 1937 that this style was first presented by the popular London shoemaker John Lobb Ltd. The half brogue, also known as semi-brogue shoes, are stylish shoes for men that have a toe cap with enlivening punches enumerating at the toe cap edges and focus. Half brogues are more formal than full brogues; however, they can suit any assortment of outfits, and that's the best advantage.

3. Quarter Brogue

Quarter Brogue Shoes

Quarter brogues are also known as a common and standard footwear choice for work wear. They are characterized by their straight-toe cap with decorative specifications punched along the cap's edge. It's unique in relation to half brogues since its middle has no detailed capping.

4. Longwing Brogue Shoes

A long wing is an exemplary American style that is an elegant classic among stylish shoes for men. It is a wingtip brogue, where the wingtip stretches out to the rear of the shoe as opposed to limping down the sole. They additionally don't have a toe cap; they simply have edge holes.

How to Wear and Match Men's Brogues with Clothing Attire

Such and many more questions swipe the brain when you wish to look awesome in your various types of brogue shoes and want to style brogue shoes with outfits, generating a perfect fashion quotient. Or when you wish to pick a brogue as stylish shoes for men for your already-set wardrobe. Here are the finest and most basic tips to pair men’s attire with brogue shoes.

1. Wear Brogue with Jeans

Wingtip Brogues look great with jeans and a shirt, while longwing brogues make jeans look great with a T-shirt. Select a classic color of shoes when in an informal pairing like these.

2. Brogue with Blazer

brogue shoes with blazer

Semi-brogue shoes will always enhance your looks when you throw in a blazer. Choose the cloth color wisely, so that the shoes don't take away attention from the main attire, because the blazer is in itself an article of very enticing clothing for men.

3. Brogue and Suit Combination

When you have to style brogues with a suit, then wear the half brogues or quarter brogues, as these work out in a good way for a suit. Men’s Oxford Brogue shoes are the most sought-after in this category. Brogues lace-up or leather brogues shoes are ideal here but simply keep them glossy on the off chance that you are wearing these types of shoes for formal events.

4. Matching Brogue with Casual Outfit 

Quarter brogues and longwing brogues can make you easily shine out in casual attire any day. With casual attire, you can always experiment with the colors of the shoes. Brogues lace-up or leather brogue shoes both go with casual outfits, but if you pick leather, keep it suede when pairing brogue shoes with outfits that are entirely casual men's clothing.

5. Brogue for Men's Weddings Dress

Brogue shoes with wedding outfit

Really warm walnut, chestnut, or British tan Longwing Brogue Shoes would look great on a groom any day, even if you wear ethnic attire. You can even get it handcrafted in a color in contrast to your outfit. Even if you aren't the groom, these stylish shoes for men will make you stand apart from the crowd. Men’s Oxford Brogue Shoes also look great at weddings when the attire is a wedding suit or Tuxedo.

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6. Pair Brogue with Chinos

Brogue shoes with chinos

When you are pairing men’s shoes with Chinos, stick to classic colors like brown, tan, or black. Even a deep navy is fine to some extent when pairing brogue shoes with outfits that have Chinos as the top selection. Keep the shirt simple, and you can even throw in a blazer. Then, at that point, it would be great to sleeve your jeans or shirt to flaunt some skin (I mean lower legs or hands alternately, not together). Wingtip or longwing brogues look great here.

Now that you know the various types of brogue shoes for men and how to style brogue shoes with outfits, we look forward to seeing you tag us on your social media when you post those stunning dapper looks of yours from the next event in your life. The final tip is, to wear your confidence and the color of the brogue shoes in tandem….and you will never look back!

FAQs on Brogue Shoes

Can you wear socks with brogues?

Socks are required with brogues, derby shoes or monks dress shoes. Wearing socks not just for feet comfort and hygienic but to it's also going to look dashing on brogues.

What are the difference between Oxfords and brogue?

Oxfords are a shoe with a closed-lacing style and a more formal appearance. Brogues are mostly in toe-cap shoe style with lining design on the sides or upper. Usually, brogue patterns are found on Oxford shoes.

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