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Ventilate Your Feet with Sandals

Ventilate Your Feet with Sandals

Wondering what Sandals are? Well, sandals for men have certainly got a trendy name. When you can’t get yourself a home without ventilation, then how can you expect your feet to? Sandals certainly are the answer to every fresh & free foot. And if worn correctly, they will not only complement your outfit, but people might also start coming to you for some good fashion advices.

Sandals have a lot of varieties, just like any other category. Yes that’s right. They’re not only about the common flip-flops anymore. If you’re not wearing them at a beach, there are certain do’s & don’ts that we think you should consider before putting them on to maintain your fashion status.

  1. Take Care of your feet: If you love yourself, you take care of yourself, and your feet too! Because big, dirty nails on your feet won’t suit your personality at all. Also, keep your feet moisturized to have a good skin and prevent infections. You may also like to give your feet a nice pedicure. And yes, it is manly to get a pedicure!
  2. Quality is Priority: Flip-flops are for your home, keep them there. Get some high-quality sandals for the street.
  3. Never ever wear your sandals to your workplace (unless you work on a beach), no matter how stylish your sandals may seem.
  4. Sandals with socks? Try something that contrasts. After all, it’s not a sin and it might be just too cold. You may also try low-cut socks to keep it a dry and hygienic barrier.
  5. Here’s another fashion trick: you can pull-up your bottom if possible while wearing jeans.
  6. Keep your shoes dry. It will help to prevent bacteria and fungus.

That’s all about the “how” to wear the sandals. But are there so many types of sandals available? Let’s check out.

  1. Slide on sandals: The re-popularized, most widely accepted sandals. Slides made of rubber are perfect for summers and what’s more? It is available at very affordable prices.
  2. Birkenstocks: One of the most comfortable sandals and their design makes it suitable with any outfit.
  3. Leather sandals: Good leather sandals are hard to find. So when you do, take good care of them.
  4. Fisherman sandals: They are the most suitable men's shoes for camping, but not preferable for any other occasion. Because of their design, people are confused whether they are shoes or sandals.
  5. Tevas: They are not preferred much as well, although they are making a comeback these days.

Sandals are perfect when you need a casual summer look. We will ship it to you for free anywhere across the USA at “No Minimum Order”. get some sandals and feel confident, refined, luxurious and comfortable with LibertyZeno.

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