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Top 10 Shoes to Wear with Tuxedo for Men's Debonair Look

Top 10 Shoes to Wear with Tuxedo for Men's Debonair Look

Once you’ve picked up a chaste, stylish Tuxedo for a wedding or for a formal party, it is time to pick out those perfect pairs of shoes that complete the elegant, stylish, debonair look. Fashion experts say that men's tuxedo shoes must be ideally men's dress shoes to wear with tuxedos. But do all dress shoes lend you that dashing look? If not, then what shoes do you wear with a tuxedo?

The foremost tip here is that Black Color Shoes and Shining Upper are most preferable with Tuxedo. But you can always experiment with colors, if you are a man of style. Next, we come to the exact answer of what shoes to wear with a tuxedo.

Best Shoes to Wear with Tuxedo

We are sharing the best shoes to wear with tuxedos to make you outshine any event. We will showcase below how you do that.

1. Pair Tuxedo with Black Oxford Leather Dress Shoes

These are the top shoes to wear with tuxedos, because Oxfords and Tuxedos are just made for each other. Oxfords lend you that style of elegance and a dapper look that is necessary for any formal gathering.

Black Oxford Leather Dress Shoes for Tuxedo

So our top recommendation would be the Aaron Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes which come in some four colors, but the black ones remain the most sought after as men's tuxedo shoes. The PERFORATED WINGTIP, and the BURNISHED FINISHING are just perfect for that bold and sharp look.

2. Tuxedo and Black Derby Shoes Combination

When you ask us what shoes do you wear with a tuxedo, we would always suggest black derby shoes as one of the topmost shoes to wear with a tux. Why? Because this is one style that never runs out of fashion.

So, the Danis Leather Derby Style Dress Shoes that are the WINGTIP BROGUE DRESS SHOES as well, are ideal men's tuxedo shoes for any formal gathering. Hand-crafted in premium leather, when wax-polished well, they help you shine out at the event.

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3. Match Your Tassels Shoes with Tuxedo

For that casual yet formal look, Tassel Loafers are the best shoes to wear with tuxedos. But always try to pick the black color to retain certain sobriety towards the look.

Tassels Shoes with Tuxedo

Here comes the Warren Man Made Tassels Shoes as a surprise. With a front in Lizard Print premium leather while the rear in ultra-finished velvet, this pair of dress shoes will make heads turn around. Moreover, if your Tuxedo has Velvet lapels, this style will lend you that dapper look like no other.

4. Wear Black Dress Shoes with Black Tuxedo

When you talk of dress shoes as men's tuxedo shoes, then Oxford style always tops the charts. The dapper men always ensure that these shoes have a high shine. Handcrafted in the finest leather upper with a comfortable Leather lining & Leather Sole.

Black Dress Shoes with Black Tuxedo

We recommend Leonard Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes for Black Tuxedo. It lends you that formal debonair look.

5. Black Tassel Loafer is the Best Option with Tuxedo

When you talk of shoes for tuxedo or what shoes with a tuxedo for a casual look, then we suggest Black Tassel Loafers. These not only keep you comfy through the event/gathering but also lend your feet a spunk if you have to hit the dance floor!

Black Tassel Loafer

So our top recommendation here is the Tassel Loafer Leather Tassels Shoes. Again crafted in premium leather, these keep your feet snugged in their love. But you have to ensure that when you wear them, they need to have that ultra-shine of polish.

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6. Casual Shoes with the Tuxedo

Oh yes, if you thought shoes to wear with Tuxedos meant only formal dress shoes, then you may be wrong to some extent. Times have changed and amazing casual shoes like sneakers have stepped inside the fashion circuit.

Casual Shoes with the Tuxedo

So here our recommendation would be the Snapper Leather Casual Sneaker which comes in three colors. Men who try out a deep green tuxedo, can try the brown ones here. This versatile, padded-sole pair can help you be on your toes right from the event's evening to the dance floor!

7. Two-Tone Dress Shoes with the Tuxedo

Whenever you try two tone shoes to wear with tuxedos, then ensure that one of the tones matches with the shirt that you wear inside the formal tux. This gives that ultra sense of style and fashion quotient.

Two-Tone Dress Shoes

Now if you ask us, we will strongly suggest the Macon Leather and Suede Crocodile Printed Dress Shoes which come in four different colors, so that you can match your shirt with the same. Its Wingtip TOE is just that perfect blend of shoes to wear with a tux, that have an elegant feel partnered with a crocodile print lace-up closure. Overall the style has a bold, formal and sharp look.

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8. Monk Straps Shoes with the Tuxedo

This is one classic combination of men's tuxedo shoes that can be carried on as a legacy by bold men who love to experiment with their looks. Go for single or double monks straps shoe only.

Monk Straps Shoes with the Tuxedo

Here we strongly recommend the Auburn Leather Oxford Style Monk Straps. The premium leather construction snugs at your feet and keeps you comfortable all night long. The best thing here, you can wear them with or without socks as per the weather.

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9. Cap Toe Shoes with the Tuxedo

What shoes do you wear with a tuxedo at a very happening party? Well, you must never miss out on the cap toe shoes in this case. The Cap toe always lends a trendy and dynamic feel to the tuxedo.

Cap Toe Shoes

The product recommended by us is the Casanova Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes. Its Swanky Crocodile & Lizard Print will make the heads turn at any given time! And just as their name suggests, these come in more than eight colors, to help you pair them up with any bright color of the shirt you attempt at the event day/night.

10. Burgundy Color Dress Shoes with Tux

These shoes to wear with a tux are an ultimate party night combination - both as casual or formal dress shoes. Besides the usual shirt colors, if you are a bold man, you can always try a textured burgundy shirt with a tuxedo, to make the look extraordinary.

Burgundy Color Dress Shoes with Tux

In this case WINKLER Leather Oxford Style Dress Shoes must be your ultimate choice because they are hand-crafted in premium leather, hand printed for an elegant style and an ultra-luxurious look. Moreover, the oxford lace-ups featuring decorative perforation gives it that perfect vintage appeal.

What else do you look for in dress shoes when you pick up men's tuxedo shoes? So go for these shoes to wear with tuxedos, because these are suited both for a formal or casual look of the year. These can light up a Christmas party and a wedding gal alike.

Pro Tips on Tuxedo Shoes Styling

  • Loafers, Monk-Straps, and Sneakers are a casual pairing with Tuxedo, while the Oxfords, Brogues and Derbies are a casual combination.
  • Always wear black formal socks, if you are wearing socks with a Tuxedo.
  • Your Tuxedo pants must be well fitted so as to ensure that it gives ample room to your shoes to shine out.
  • A white pocket square or of the color matching your shirt, always enhances the looks of the tuxedo.
  • If you wish your shoes to be noticed as well, then go for a matching bow necktie like that in the case of Burgundy Color Dress Shoes with Tux.

Shoes to Wear With Tuxedo

Things to Avoid

  • When you pair loafers with tuxedos, avoid the necktie.
  • Avoid a black shirt with a Tuxedo.
  • Avoid double-breasted Tuxedo jackets and go for only single-button front fastening.
  • Avoid any shirt other than that which has a Wingtip Collar. These are actually crafted for a Tuxedo.

Final Words

Whatever you pick from the above shoes to wear with tuxedos, never forget to wear a good wristwatch and your smile with confidence to complete the overall look. Don't forget that men's tuxedo shoes cannot alone make you look dapper, your inner harm needs to ooze out!

FAQs on Tuxedo Shoes

Q1. Are Tuxedo shoes different from other shoes?

Not exactly. but most of the time these are formal or semi-formal shoes that need to be in leather and have a good shine quotient.

Q2. Do tuxedo shoes have to be shiny or not?

Yes, ideally these have to be. Unless you are going for the overall velvet shoes, you should ensure a perfect shine.

Q3. Can I wear sneakers with a Tuxedo?

Yes, you can wear a Tuxedo with sneakers provided the shoes are not too flashy and black and white or for that matter have black as the main color, and the other color could match your shirt.

Q4. Which shoes are best for a Tuxedo?

Oxfords, Derbies, Velvet Loafers, Tassel Loafers, Two Tones, etc. kind of dress shoes work well as men's Tuxedo shoes.

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