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How to Style Spectator and Two Tone Dress Shoe for Men: The Ultimate Fashion Guide

How to Style Spectator and Two Tone Dress Shoe for Men: The Ultimate Fashion Guide

Men's Shoes play a very essential role in enhancing each and every outfit. And when it comes to styling the outfit via Two Tone Shoes, men find it a little tricky affair. Thus, it is very important to own the right kind of spectators and two toned shoes that cannot just complete but also complement your ensemble.

From running casual to attending formal events, we have narrowed down your search to the following selection of stylish men’s two tone shoes' styles that every man should have in his wardrobe. 

How to Style Tow Tone Men's Dress Shoes

What is Spectator Shoe Style and Its History?

The spectator shoe style or two tone shoe style is basically two tone low-heeled shoes that are either oxford style dress shoes, semi-brogue or full brogue, wingtip, boots or even cap toe shoes that is crafted in two contrasting colors. These either have the toe and heel cap in contrasting colors or at times the lace panel is in a darker color than the main shoe body.

The famous Brit Shoemaker John Lobb is known to be the creator of the first two color shoe style which was designed to be a cricket shoe in 1868. As a fashion statement, the two tone dress shoes reached the height of popularity in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Why Should You Wear Two Tone Shoes?

Well because our expert two tone shoe guide states that this is one style that has revived itself thanks to the modern-day designers and evolved into bold fashion statements, especially for the summer months. And being in two different colors the spectator shoes style gives you endless options to choose and shine out!

Types of Two Tone Shoes & How to Wear Two-Color Shoes

Type of Two Tone Dress Shoes

For your ease down below we are sharing our expert guide on How to Style Two Tone Shoes, but before that, you need to understand which types of two tone shoe styles are basically available in the markets. Also, you must know that two color shoes' style is one that can be casual, business as well as premium wear which can go with jeans, suits, chinos, etc. Let's discuss how.

1. Two Tone Oxfords

Two Tone Oxfords for Men

Men's two tone Oxfords are the most raging style among the spectator shoes' style, due to their versatile yet premium looks. These go great with suits, with one of the colors matching the suit. If you wish to wear a T-shirt and pants or jeans combination, then go for dark lowers with a plain, solid color T-shirt. You can also throw in a blazer to look ultra-stylish.

2. Two Tone Wingtip

In this style usually, the wing-tip and the shoe back are in matching colors while the other parts of the shoes are in contrasting ones. If you ask our experts how to style two tone wingtip shoes, then our expert fashion guide would recommend black-white to be very formal to be worn with suits.

Two Tone Wingtip Dress Shoes for Men

But in other colors like tan, brown or having more funk, you can even pair them up with a jeans and jacket. These also come as Wingtip Brogues where the Two Tone Brogues perforations give your feet that charisma which is a notch above the Oxfords.

3. Two Tone Loafers

Hornsby Leather Loafers Shoes


Two Tone loafers are the most stylish of all kinds of spectator shoes' style, because any of the parts of the men's loafers can be made into contrasting colors. For instance, just the tip of the loafers, the strap of the loafer, the upper of the loafer or even the side stripes of the loafers can be of one color and the rest of the shoe can be in a contrasting one. Thus, this versatile piece of fashion can be worn right from shorts to suits, depending on the formality or casualty of the occasion. Thus, this is one pair that every man must own.

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4. Two Tone Derby

A derby shoe is the one where quarters with shoelace eyelets are sewn on top of the shoe vamp. And in two tone derbies, either this vamp is in contrasting color with the shoes, or pairs up in same colors with the shoe tip and the remaining shoes are in contrasting color.

Two Tone Mens Derby

Modern-day designers style them up in ways beyond you can think. And since Derby's are always in leather, these are more formal just like the Two tone Oxfords. Thus, the ideal pairing is with formal pants and shirts or suits for any party or get together, especially where there is a dress code. But if you really wish to pair them with casuals, then a casual shirt with chinos can also be a nice idea.

5. Two Tone Brogues

Brogues are identified by being a low-heeled shoe with hole perforations on the uppers of the leather also called broguing. Brogues have serrated edges alongside the shoe seam.

Two Tone Brogues

How to style two tone brogues: Well, any classic color in contrast like black and white, brown, red and tan etc. is ideal wear with a suit or tailored trousers. But if you wish to pair tow tone brogues with light-colored chinos, then go for two tones with one of them complimenting the color of the buttoned-up shirt. Pairing funky brogues with slim dark blue jeans over a T-shirt and blazer thrown in creates a stylish and very smart casual look.

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6. Two Tone Boots

Everyone is aware of the fact that men's boots come in various kinds like ankle-high, thigh-high and full-length. And imagine what a trendy look will these lend you if they come in two tones! While women's two toned boots come in various bright colors, we suggest that when it comes to men, you must stick to classic colors if you ask us how to style two tone shoes.

Because how to wear two tone shoes for men is a slightly tricky fashion statement. All the more, keep these shoes for strictly casual wear only with jeans or chinos, along with casual shirts and t-shirts.


Our two tone shoes' guide has already taught you how to don the spectator shoes' style. But what remains to be shared is that when the two tone shoe style is too funky, then tone down the attire. For example, if you are wearing bright funky two tone loafers, the shirt can be slightly spunky but keep the shorts plain to let the overall attire, as well as the shoes, shine out. In short, rather than how to buy two tone loafers, you must first plan on how to wear two-color shoes and then buy them.

And since these two-color shoes' style is extremely versatile, we suggest that every man must own at least one pair of these classic dress shoes that have innovated, evolved and shone out amid the test of time.

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