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Why Monk Strap Shoes Are Still In Style & Must For Stylish Men Dress Shoes Closet

Why Monk Strap Shoes Are Still In Style & Must For Stylish Men Dress Shoes Closet

Nobody knows the specific date, yet men’s leather monk strap shoes have been around for many years. European monks generally wore old school shoes with clasps when working outside, which obviously have open toes. Could be crisp in some cases in those cloister gardens. To add additional toe insurance and warmth a toe cap was added and the shoe changed over to turn into a monk strap shoe, completely covering the foot.

History & Origin of Monk Strap Shoes

Origin of Monk Strap

The monk strap shoes’ style blurred all through prevalence over the course of a long time prior to being reevaluated during the 1990s enlivened by Italian originators to a more exquisite elegant shoe. Monk Buckle Shoes then, at that point, turned into a typical sight at fashion shows like Pitti Immagine at the London Fashion Week.

Monk Strap Shoes get their name from having a couple of leather straps and metal locks to affix them in, instead of conventional tie bands like their oxford and derby cousins. They can have a couple of ties, consequently the name like Single Monk Strap, Double Monk Strap, and Triple Monk Strap Boots.

Varieties of Monk Strap Shoes

One of the primary highlights that varies between monk shoe styles is the number of straps and buckles they have. Most combinations and vast varieties on offer will have a single or double, in spite of the fact that you will discover a few models which have three lashes. So let's know more about each...

1. Single Monk Strap Shoes

As the name suggests has a single strap shoes with buckle. These dress shoes can be worn anywhere irrespective of the occasion - parties, business meetings, formal events, or even outdoor gatherings.

2. Double Monk Strap Shoes

Double Monk Strap Shoes

Perpetually well known with those searching for footwear that is sleek, feels extraordinary to wear, and never runs out of fashion. Out of the three varieties, this one is the most popular style in Monk Shoes.

But if you want the entire gathering to look at your standalone style statement, if you want that extra quirk and zing to your persona, then you need something more than the double monk buckle shoes or the single monk buckle shoes.

3. Triple Monk Strap Shoes

Triple Monk Strap Shoes

Then you need the Triple Monk Strap Boots as these look better as boots! China tan monk strap shoes are very popular in this category.

Each of the above three variants of monk strap shoes is available in simple shoes as well as boots variants. Which means you can make a style statement as per your choice.

How to Style the Monk Strap Shoes


In spite of the fact that monk shoes seem as though a dressy shoes it is feasible to wear them with outfits that you would ordinarily match with training wear or slip-on.

  • You should feel sure wearing them with denim pants or chinos, yet try not to match them with shorts or athletic apparel except if you are searching for an exceptional style.
  • Monk buckle shoes will take you any place you go, whatever the event calls for – regardless of whether you need to spruce up in your best suit or pair your shoes with your number one khakis or pants.
  • They somehow fit the bill always whether it is business or a pleasure trip/gathering. They additionally rock as evening wear, regardless of the location - your favorite eatery, music scene, or to a drinks party.
  • When you are OK with styling your men’s leather monk strap shoes you will need to evaluate some lighter shades in the hotter months as these will supplement your late spring closet.
  • With regards to choosing which buckle shading you ought to get, attempt to coordinate with it with your belt clasp, sleeve fasteners also called cufflinks, your watch, etc. Remember that brushed metal buckles look dapper than a shinier alternative.

With such countless men's shoe styles and shades of leather monk strap shoes to browse, and various ways that they can be worn, why not search for your ideal pair today and discover why this style of shoe is so well known for yourself.

Even After Centuries, Why Monk Strap Shoes are a Style Quotient


An incredible option in contrast to other dress shoes, men’s leather monk strap shoes has an edge that is bound to command notice and get seen more than customary shoes, due to having straps and buckles where you would ordinarily have tie-bands/ shoelaces.

The lock configuration opens an immense range of opportunities for a man, beginning with the size, shading and state of the clasp. There are many plans to browse, yet the traditional mixes utilized today are sparkling silver clasps with dark leather, gold clasps with tan leather and, for a more relaxed look, antique looking bronze buckles joined with shiny nubuck leather.

Why Monk Strap Shoes are a Style Quotient

On Finishing Note...

Buying a great shoe isn't a choice to be trifled with. So, simple to wear as an easygoing slip-on shoe, you will find that monk shoes are adequately adaptable to wear with nearly anything, and they offer a look that will not date after some time.

Monk shoes have an extraordinary style that can appear to assume control over a look, they're very adaptable while having the option to add some inconspicuous interest to an outfit. Thus, a couple of men’s leather Monk Strap Shoes is perhaps the savviest choice a man can make.

With such countless styles and shades of monk strap shoes to look over, and various ways that they can be worn, why not search for your ideal pair today and discover why this style of shoe is so well known for yourself!


Monk strap are formal shoes?

It's not proper formal shoes but some styles of monk strap shoes are good options to wear as formal shoes where buckle and straps size are small.

Are monk strap shoes comfortable?

Monk strap shoes are made with leather and hard sole so they are not comfortable as casual shoes or sneakers but quality shoes pay off the comfort.

Can I wear monk strap shoes with jeans?

Yes; Monk strap look superb with jeans and it's enhance your casual attire. You can also pair buckle shoes with jeans and blazer combination.

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