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Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Perfect Way to Pair a Jeans with RIGHT Shoes

Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Perfect Way to Pair a Jeans with RIGHT Shoes

Tracking down the best shoes to wear with jeans can be a tough task. From selecting the right style to pairing them with the perfect jeans, men often find it challenging to create a standout combination. Fortunately, we have tips and tricks to help you nail your ideal pair of jeans.

10 Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans

We are discussing some 10 styles below as to what shoes go with jeans. Whether you need to wear sneakers, loafers, boots, derby shoes, chukka boots, or the Oxfords, we can show you how, when and where to shake them with jeans and denim.

1. Chukka Boots and Jeans are Great Combination

Chukka Boots With Jeans

Chukka boots are among the best shoes to wear with jeans, for a Casual Look - especially with boot cut jeans. You should simply track down the ideal style for your requirements. In case you're after a brilliant, relaxed appearance, then you must consider the Chukka boots all things being equal. While softened leather and earthy-colored plans will normally have a loose and tough appearance, dark and calfskin assortments will look more smooth and modern.

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2. Pairing Oxfords with Jeans

Men is wearing dark blue jeans and brown leather oxford shoes with purple laces

To create an overall format outfit with jeans, Oxford dress shoes will work a treat. The exemplary footwear style is great for taking denim from relaxed to stylish. Simply ensure to adhere to customary styles in colors like brown, burgundy, and dark. Likewise, remember about Brogue Style Oxford shoes that are the ideal shoes for jeans that are a regular fit for a customary formal look.

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3. Sneakers with Jeans are Always in Stylish

Sneakers with Jeans are Always in Stylish

These count as among the top and best shoes to wear with jeans that can be of any form and type like skinny, regular fit, straight except the boot cut jeans. If the skin is heavy-duty, balance it out with canvas style casual shoes for jeans. You can pick the colors as per the overall attire's color combination like the white sneakers have maintained to be on the fashion circuit as a great combination with white jeans and black jeans.

4. Loafers with Jeans for Smart Casual Look

When you ask us what shoes go with jeans that are of any kind, then our answer is Loafers. Yes, these casual look shoes go with any kind of jeans be it skinny, regular fit, slim straight, bootcut, relaxed fit or more.

Loafers with Jeans

Loafers are the best shoes for making a smart casual look, that is incredible among semi-formal outfits. For a customary appearance, attempt an exemplary pair of leather Penny Loafers. Doing so will make a smooth and smart appearance that is ideally suited for cleaned outfits. You can pick more Loafers' designs as per the shirt or t-shirt you are donning or as per your individual style.

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5. Derby Shoes and Jeans Combination

For savvy relaxed and semi-formal/semi-casual outfits with jeans that are slim straight or tapered, consider the Derby shoes. This style is great for adjusting the easygoing appearance of the denim. To attempt a unique style, consider collaborating the Derby shoes with dim wash pants, an oxford shirt, and an overcoat.

Derby are the best shoes to wear with jeans but pick them wisely. While dark and earthy colored styles are generally exemplary, navy and dim choices can make an exceptional and truly classy appearance.

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6. Pair Ankle Length Boots with Jeans

Ankle Length Boots with Jeans

Skinny, bootcut, and even relaxed fit jeans can be well paired with Ankle Length Boots when you ask us what shoes to wear with jeans and look ultra stylish. Casual look, yet a Smart Casual, Semi Casual style is created by these shoes that must be worn with fitting boot cut jeans.

7. Casual Shoes or Boat Shoes with Jeans

Men Wearing Boat Shoes with Jeans

Believe that you can wear your Casual Boat shoes with chinos or shorts only at a yacht? Reconsider. Whether you're going to a polo match or a straightforward summer early lunch, the Casual Shoes and jeans can make for a magnificent outfit.

To improve the stylishness of these casual yet refined shoes, you can accomplish them with the right accessories. For instance, white handcuffed jeans, a light blue shirt, and shades create a first class, smart casual outfit when worn with Boat shoes.

8. Wear Two Tone Shoes with Jeans to look Charming

What shoes to wear with jeans that turn the heads around? Here come the two tone shoes. Yes, you might think that usually, the two tone men’s leather shoes are avoided with jeans, but there are few pairs that have a very charming casual, yet amazing appeal.

Such two tone shoes can give you a very dapper look as shoes for jeans that rock a party! A relaxed fit or regular fit jeans with shoes matching the shades of the T-shirt or shirt would look ideal.

9. Cap Toe Shoes Combination with Jeans for Classic Men 

Cap toes shoes are somewhat of an interesting class of dress shoes. Experts believe that a cap toe adds a bit of class and sophistication to shoes and boots, which warrants a different get down on the fashion rundown.

Matching slim fit jeans with a cap-toed shoe in a smooth yet not-too-narrow toe shape immediately hoists your denim's style quotient and can assist as the best shoes to wear with jeans that transform a generally relaxed look into a semi-formal outfit.

10. Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans are for Great Semi Casual Look

Monk Straps with Jeans

Monk Strap shoes are an incredible style of dress shoes to wear with jeans on the grounds that the metallic clasps on the straps bring out denim's rugged looks, while still making you look like a refined gentleman in a semi-casual look.

When you wear the monk strap shoes for jeans, ensure your jeans are slim fit, yet all at once moderately short. You don't need a lot of overabundant texture and cloth clustering up at the lower legs, which could cover the straps and spoil the look. Go for single or double monk straps for jeans.

Wear Jeans As Per the Occasion and Style

You can pair shoes and jeans together for that very stylish, Smart Casual, Semi Casual or Casual look.


When out with friends, what shoes to wear with jeans? Well, this is a casual occasion so go for sneakers, loafers, boots, etc. depending on the terrain or events like hiking boots or party loafers.

Smart Casual

This is when you wish to impress the lady of your life and go out on a date. You can try anything from boat shoes for a dinner night to two-tone shoes for a party night to penny loafers for a hand-in-hand walk to the evening snacks. As many pairs, as your imagination and persona.

Semi Formal

Oxfords, Derby's, Cap Toes and Monk Straps lend your jeans that semi-formal look when you wish to do a weekend work meeting, for a meeting with your lady's family at dinner, for a work celebration with friends and more.

Pro Tips

  • Dark shoes to wear with jeans are meant for darker shades of jeans.
  • Either buy wrinkle-free jeans or iron them well before wearing.
  • Your shoes should be spic and span, whether you wear with jeans or any other lowers.
  • Pair shirt/T-shirt with jeans that compliment it, not that it juts out and hits the eyes.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid wearing black shoes with blue jeans unless the shirt/T-shirt is black or gray.
  • Never allow the bottom of your jeans to touch the ground, it looks very bad.
  • Never wear jeans worn at the knees, unless these are properly distressed jeans.
  • Always jeans are too tight on the legs.

We have discussed the shoes to wear with jeans, that rock the fashion circuit and daily life alike, throughout the year. But you always attempt your own permutations and combinations. Because, it's your own persona, your own confidence, your correct color combination, etc. with the upper wear, that will create a lasting impression.


1. Do formal shoes go with jeans?

Yes, if the jeans are dark and if you are pairing it up with a formal shirt, then you can attempt Oxfords, Derby's, Two tones and even the Cap Toe Shoes.

2. Can you wear black shoes with blue jeans?

Yes, you can wear black shoes with blue jeans, preferably as casual shoes, especially when pairing them with a black T-shirt or shirt. Otherwise, it's advisable to avoid this combination.

3. What shoes should I wear with dark jeans?

For dark jeans, camel-colored shoes look great, or you can opt for shoes that match the color of the jeans but are a few tones lighter.

4. What shoes to wear with black jeans?

You can wear black, brown, and white shoes with black jeans. Depending on the jeans style, you can choose Chukka, Loafers, or Sneakers. For a formal shirt, Oxfords, Two Tone, and Monk Strap Shoes are also suitable options.

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