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7 Proper Shoes Fitting Tips - Make Your Foot Comfortable by Choosing Right Shoe Fit

7 Proper Shoes Fitting Tips - Make Your Foot Comfortable by Choosing Right Shoe Fit

Are you aware that beyond just being a fashion statement, shoes serve us in many capacities? Are you aware that shoes are very significant for keeping your feet and your body cheerful, by giving it that ideal cushioning as per body weight?

Badly fitting shoes can be excruciating and mess up our feet; we can end up having bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, stress cracks, calluses, hammertoes, and much more. Beyond foot pain, these ailments are just the tip of the iceberg. So, when looking for shoes, you need to have more than design as a top priority in order to keep the feet fit as a fiddle.

But do you know: How to find the right shoe size? How to get a proper shoe fitting for better comfort? This article is aimed at being a Complete Shoe Fitting Guide.

Proper Shoes Fitting Tips

Below we explain the shoes fitting hacks and tips to keep your feet comfortable.

1. Measure Feet Properly

Proper Feet Measurement
Image source: wikihow

The shops usually have shoe-size measuring equipment. One must measure foot size by using these and then look for shoes as per that size. As a backup, you can also carry a shoe tracing with you, because foot length to shoe size has a direct relation.

Select a shoe of liking and place it atop the shoe trace and ensure a perfect size. Your foot size and shape change over the long haul of life. Thus, try not to depend on the way that you have consistently worn a specific size.

2. Check Both Feet Shape are Equal or Slightly Different

A study says that more than 70% of people in the world have one foot larger than the other. So get your feet measured extremely properly and then buy shoes which fit the larger foot. 

3. Shop the Shoes at Day End

Your foot normally expands during the day. Feet additionally extend while you run or walk, so shoes should accommodate your feet when they're at their biggest size in the day and that’s day end. Thus, go shoe shopping in the late afternoon or in the evening. Don’t forget to check the shoe width chart.

4. Know The Foot Thumb Rule

When you measure a foot size ensure that that gap between your largest toe and the shoe tip is about a thumb wide. The whole idea is that when we walk, our toes have a to and from movement. This must have enough space to happen without the toe rubbing against the shoe.

Moreover, the gap must be enough, not extra so as to the shoe not slipping out while in motion. This is one of the most important tips of the shoe fitting guide.

5. Different Brands have Different Shoe Sizes

Different shoes has a different size

Just like your clothes wardrobe, different brands have different shoe sizes in shoes as well. Measure foot size properly and trust your own comfort level rather than what has been portrayed in the brand advert. It is you who is the genuine assessor of what fits you the best, not just a certain brand's shoe fitting guide chart its shoe width chart.

In short, whatever may be the size portrayed by any brand, try on the shoe and then fix the deal. When buying online, ensure that you pick from a brand that has replacement options available.

6. Shoes Test Drive Is Essential

Yes, even shoes need a test drive! While in the store or at home, if you bought a shoe online, go for an ideal opportunity to stroll around on a covered, clean surface to discover how well the shoe fits. Never assume that shoes that fit tight will stretch with time; this is always a misconception. So even if you measure foot size well, ensure the test drive!

7. Shoes Depth & Width Also Matter for Proper Fitting

Measure depth & width

The depth of the shoes must be enough for the ball of your foot (the most extensive part) to fit easily in the largest piece of the shoe.

The next question to ask: Are my feet wide? The shoe ought to be sufficiently wide enough to accommodate all your toes; otherwise, the toes will rub against the highest point of the shoe and you will get calluses or bruises. Must check the shoe width chart.

Shoes Fitting Guide as per Shoes Types  

Now, an additional shoe fitting guide to help you answer: Different types of shoes for your daily wear?

1. Running Shoes

Running shoes

Running is a very exhaustive exercise and thus it not only needs high body energy but also a highly fitting shoe that keeps your feet stress-free during the exercise. No wonder, Running shoes are designed for that perfect fit - proper cushion for the heel and highly flexible at the toes.

2. Walking Shoes

Some people make a grave mistake by using running shoes for casual walks. When you walk, the feet face higher friction and body weight. So you need specific walking shoes that have shock-absorbing heels and flexibility at the ball of the foot rather than at the toes.

3. Cross-trainers

As the name suggests, these fit all kinds of general exercises. Cross trainers give you a low-impact workout, which means that these are easy on your feet joints, and muscles. This is because they have cushioning just at the right points. Exception: not good for extensive walking.

4. Cycling Shoes

The ideal cycling shoe offers a firm fit in the heel region. Your feet never slip out of the shoe when pedalling; neither do they squeeze your feet nor cause any torment. But note, cycling shoes are usually not good for other exercises.

5. Dress Shoes

LibertyZeno Dress shoes

Dress shoes are the second name for style and comfort, the upper part being soft and breathable; the inner part giving great arch support, and a sneaker-like sole that offers a great cushioning.

How to find the right shoe size? Well, the above shoes fitting guide will help you to properly measure foot size. It will limit your danger of shoe issues and foot issues because foot length to shoe size has a direct relation to its comfort. If you have any further queries, you can write to us for expert answers.

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