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How Long Do Shoes Last? 6 Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

How Long Do Shoes Last? 6 Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Replacing the shoes is a very healthy idea, but when and how often you should replace the shoes is often the primary question. We must know that most of us are unaware that our shoes have expired and are still running with us! Lack of awareness is the cause. So how long should a pair of shoes last?

Below we are sharing the entire A-to-Z of how long do shoes last and when is the right time to replace them for a healthy feet life.

Causes of Wear and Tear in Shoes

Causes of Wear and Tear in Shoes

Let's first start with the Causes of Wear and Tear in Shoes that we often ignore, but tend to face regularly. Yes, our shoes face a lot of wear and tear every day and regular Support, Care and Attention are needed for their Durability. Just the good Quality and Material aren't enough to determine how many miles shoes last. There are more factors as below:

1. How You Walk

A straight walk, which means the right foot and spine posture means less wear and tear and longer-lasting footwear. Take care of this for a fitter body as well. In terms of science you should neither overpronate or under-pronate, Now what is that? Neural pronation means that the heel of your foot should hit the floor first and then slowly the touch must move to the forefoot.

Under pronation means the foot is bent inwards a lot and never touches the ground, flat in totality. Pick up your shoes, if the inner edge of the sole is more worn out than the outer, this is over-pronation. Under pronation means the outer edge of the sole would be more worn out. Correct your body and foot posture, not just for the sake of your shoes but also for healthy feet.

2. Where You Walk

Whether you walk on the walking tracks or some random place will also decide the wear and tear of the shoes you wear.

3. Steps Count

If you are a fitness-freak mind, then you must be keeping a count of the steps you walk per day. More the steps, the more wear and tear. And if the same footwear is carried along. Lack of support to the shoes in terms of a rest period will harm it even if it is of good quality.

4. Hours of Wear

How often should you replace shoes is the ideal question here to showcase this problem. Replacement here means rotating the shoes, with a different pair to make them last longer. Otherwise, long hours of wearing the same shoe mean more wear and tear.

5. Weather

Very hot weather and very wet weather or terrain, both are damaging to the shoes, provided these aren't crafted to be used in such weather conditions. But an accidental exposure, for instance, exposure of leather shoes to waterways can always be fixed by drying them well. It enhances durability.

How Long Do Shoes Last as per Shoe Types

How Long Do Shoes Last as per Shoe Types

How many miles do shoes last also to a large extent depends on the material these are made of. So let's study each category one by one to see how long should a pair of shoes last.

How Long Do Leather Dress Shoes Last?

Low-quality leather or artificial leather shoes can keep going for at least half a year with customary use. However, shouldn't something be said about excellent leather dress shoes? Top-notch excellent-quality leather shoes can deal with up to tens of thousands of flexes except if you are consistently presenting this dampness, salty water, acids, liquor, and other unforgiving synthetics.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

This answer comes from the question of how many miles shoes last. So if you run say 5 miles per day, then after 500 plus miles you must retire your shoes. But if your running pattern is not fixed, then you can look for the signs below:

  • Smooth or rounded sole instead of being flat
  • Compressed midsole or cracked-up
  • Torn up upper or inner lining
  • Pain in your foot, knees or ankles

How Long Do Hiking Shoes Last?

Hiking shoes of great quality will give you 1000 miles as an answer when you ask how many miles do shoes last. Hiking boots are usually tough and crafted well. But still, if you see the following signs, it is time to replace them:

  • Your boots don't grip the surface and slip off
  • Soles are seen to be worn out
  • If the boots leak or have cracks in the midsole
  • If eyelets are broken or if your feet are experiencing even the minutest blisters

How Long Do Sneakers Last?

These can last more than a year or two provided you have one or more such pairs and if these are good quality. Plus, sneakers also fall in the fashion trend, so you can replace them or donate them, and pick another pair if they aren't too worn off. It's an eco-friendly act too!

How often should you replace shoes when it comes to sneakers, also depends on how you store them or how many times they are worn. Such and many more tips are being given below in detail, for these shoes and many more.

Way to Make Shoes Last Longer?

Make Shoes Last Longer

When you ask us How long should shoes last, we would say very long provided you wear them the right way. And what are those steps, we are sharing below:

1. Choose the Right Shoe Size

Shoes that are either smaller than the foot or wider, tend to face more wear and tear than the shoes which are comfortable to wear. So pick up the right shoe size and preferably go for buying in the evening, when your tired foot size is a real showcase after the whole day's run around.

2. Clean the Shoes Regularly

Regular cleaning of shoes means less attack of microbes; less wear and tear in terms of harmful corrosive elements if any are stuck to the shoe, and more such benefits will help your shoe have a longer life. Plus will also keep your feet odor and infection-free.

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3. Rotate Between Various Shoes at Home

Though you must be having that one favorite pair of shoes that you often love to wear everywhere and anywhere under the Sun. But if you actually do so, how long do shoes last" Well, just a maximum of three months. So find out more such pairs or buy them and rotate between them for a lasting life for each one.

How often you should replace shoes is not the question, how often you must rotate them to equally divide the task of usage is the ultimate question. The next point also is an extension of this factor.

4. Wear Suitable Shoes for Particular Activities

How long should shoes last also depends on the type of activity you are using the shoe for. For instance, walking shoes are different from running shoes, and sports shoes are different from office shoes or beach shoes.

Each activity demands a different pair of shoes, depending on the exertion it puts on the soles and insides of the shoe. So if you are able to afford the same, then go for suitable ones, not just for a better shelf life of the shoes, but also for healthy feet, which otherwise may face pain and bunions.

5. Use Shoe Tree or Stuff with Paper for Storage

How many miles do shoes last, will not just depend on the above factors. It also depends on how you store them. When the shoes aren't in use, they tend to crease up and form cracks. So ensure that when you store them either you use a shoe tree or stuff them up with dry paper tightly to avoid any folds/creases.

6. Store at a Dry Place

As we shared above, avoid the shoes to crease up or crack by. Also what is necessary is that you must store them in a dry place. Moisture will cause microbes to develop and harm not just your shoe but your skin as well.

When to Replace the Shoes

There are many reasons to know about replacement of the shoes. Following is the checklist to see in your shoes.

Check Outsole and Midsole

If these have holes, flatness or cracks, please change the shoes.

Check the Upper Side of the Shoes

There must be no harm to the lining as it can cause blisters.

Check Inside the Shoes

The surface should be comfortably flat or curvy as per the foot need, else causing bunions and similar foot damage.

Check the Heel Counter

It must not be flat or hard and suitable for the movement, flexible enough. If ankles have pain, then discard the shoes.


We answering you 'how long should shoes last' is not an easy task, because as many people, as many are choices of shoes, material, care and the ways to wear them. Still, we have tried to incorporate as many factors as we can. You can write to us for more queries if any.

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