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8 Different Ways to Pair Blue Suits with Brown Shoes: Style Guide for Men

8 Different Ways to Pair Blue Suits with Brown Shoes: Style Guide for Men

The pairing of a blue suit with brown shoes has been a fashionable choice for men for many years. It gained popularity in the mid-20th century, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s, as men looked for stylish alternatives to traditional black and brown suit combinations.

Blue suit combination shoes offer an evergreen attire for formal occasions, like wedding events, professional gatherings, and day-to-day work meetings. Today, the blue suit and brown shoe combination is celebrated for its grace and adaptability, even for formal dinner dates!

8 Timeless Ways to Pair Blue Suits with Brown Shoes

A note before we get deeper: dark brown shoes and light brown shoes are a perfect match to light blue suits, sky blue suits, and even royal blue suits.

1. Navy Blue Suit With Brown Shoes in Derby Style

Navy Blue Suit With Brown Shoes in Derby Style

These navy blue suits with brown derby shoes are highly formal. You can wear them to the office, interviews, conferences, weddings, or formal dates. Match the shoes with a white or light shirt and a tie in blue, burgundy, or a pattern. Complete the outfit with a brown leather belt matching the shoes.

2. Brown Casual Shoes with Light Blue Suits

Brown Casual Shoes with Light Blue Suits

When pairing brown casual shoes with a light blue suit for a more stylish look, consider options like loafers, suede derbies, or brogues. This blue suit with brown shoe style gives a relaxed feel to the light blue suit, making your outfit more versatile to fit in formal as well as semi-formal gatherings. You have to skip the necktie here, and keep the first button of the shirt open (colors could be any that compliment the outfit).

3. Dark Brown Loafers with a Blue Suit

Dark Brown Loafers with a Blue Suit

You can wear this combination of blue suit and brown loafers shoes to various occasions, including professional work, weddings, and even semi-formal gatherings like a dinner date. Since we have already gone too formal with blue suit combination shoes, let's try some twists here. A patterned pocket square or a stylish tie in shades of burgundy or mustard as per the color of the shirt you pick.

4. Brown Tassel Loafers with Dark Blue Suits

Brown Penny Loafers with Dark Blue Suits

Wearing brown tassel loafers with a dark blue suit looks really classy at a vast range of occasions, including work meets, job interviews, wedding functions, and such other evening events. Keep your outfit smart by picking a clean white or light blue shirt and a tie that matches the suit. Choose a deep, chocolate brown color for the loafers that goes well with the navy suit. Wear a brown belt that matches the blue suit with brown shoes, and use simple accessories like a watch or pocket square.

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5. Blue Wedding Suit with Brown Dress Shoes

Blue Wedding Suit with Brown Dress Shoes

Style your navy blue suit with brown dress shoes for weddings, whether yours or a friend's, to turn heads. Oxford shoes or brown brogues would be ideal here as a blue suit and brown shoe combination, but for a stylish twist, select a slim-fit suit that is well-fitted. A lighter shade of blue for a daytime affair or a deeper navy for an evening wedding would be an ideal choice. A crisp white, lemon yellow, or pink formal shirt and a coordinating brown belt will complete the men's outfit with a patterned pocket square, a matching tie, and a classic watch.

6. Dark Brown Oxfords With Navy Blue Suits

Dark Brown Oxfords With Navy Blue Suits

Try different shirt colors with dark brown Oxfords and navy blue suits to match your style and occasion. For formal occasions like dinners or dates, try light blue or light pink shirts. Stick to crisp white shirts for formal events or meetings. Make sure the tie matches the shirt and the belt matches the shoes, regardless of the shirt color.

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7. Navy Blue suit with Brown Brogue Shoes

Navy Blue suit with Brown Brogue Shoes

You can wear a check navy blue suit and brown brogue shoes for various occasions, such as official attire, wedding gatherings, or even a stylish night out. When selecting blue suit combination shoes here, you need to pick shades like chestnut or cognac. The shoes to pick would be Oxfords, brogues, loafers, or Derbies because only these make timeless formal attire.

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8. Brown Monk Strap shoes With Roya Blue Suits

Brown Monk Strap shoes With Roya Blue Suits

You can wear brown monk strap shoes with formal royal blue suits to upscale events, job interviews, professional outings, and other such formal occasions only. When putting this look together, think about the small things: pick a belt that goes with it all. And to make it more professional, add accessories like a tie or pocket square with blue and brown colors if it's a fancy formal event.

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What to Avoid When Styling Blue Suits With Brown Shoes

  • Avoid wearing socks that clash with the brown shoes.
  • Drop overly casual brown shoes like sandals or sneakers.
  • A suit being formal attire, cannot be worn with distressed or rugged brown shoes.
  • Avoid loud accessories and flashy shoes, or even canvas shoes.


In conclusion, always ensure that you select an outfit that looks good on your persona the way stars like Shah Rukh Khan, George Clooney, and Ryan Gosling decide for their respective body types. Selecting an overall look as per your own body, makes your outfit look sharp and stylish, showing off your confidence. If you need more tips on a blue suit with brown shoes combination, do write to us!


1. Which socks will go well with my blue suit combination shoes?

Here, the answer is that different shades of blue need different colors of socks. Navy blue suits pair well with socks in navy blue, charcoal gray, or dark brown. Light gray or beige would maintain balance with Light Blue suits, while for Royal Blue shoes, burgundy or deep purple look ideal for an overall bold statement.

2. What occasions can I wear a blue suit and brown shoes?

Being a versatile combination, you can carry this to various formal and semi-formal occasions and even to date nights to impress your significant other. Depending on the situation, wear or avoid a necktie, but always wear a brown belt.

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