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How to Wear Oxford Shoes for Men's Decent Looks: Types & Style Tips to Wear

How to Wear Oxford Shoes for Men's Decent Looks: Types & Style Tips to Wear

Having the right pair of shoes in your closet has a lot to do with your personality. Imagine yourself well-dressed from top to bottom, but your shoes don't match your formal attire. Will it make any sense? No, it won’t. Oxford dress shoes are the ones that marry well with every outfit, formal or casual.

History of Oxford Shoes

With their roots in Oxford University, the Oxford shoes for men emanated from the Oxonian Shoes. These were the half-boot-styled shoes with side slits that became popular amongst university students in the 19th century.

Their narrow slits on the sides made them more comfortable to wear than the high boots of that time. Gradually the side slits of oxfords were replaced with laces.

Oxford Dress Shoes for Men

What Makes Oxford Shoes So Unique?

Whether you wish to flaunt a casual look at a weekend trip or glam up your formal outfit, oxford shoes make it possible. Almost every man adores these timeless shoes. Enlisted are a few more good things about them:

  • Oxford shoes have a closed lacing that gives them a formal look.
  • A wide range of styles come from this design.
  • They are comfortable and always on-trend.
  • They are low-heeled shoes with a low cut that perfectly exposes the ankle.
  • They have secured quarters and stitched eyelets under the vamp.

Oxford Shoes Type

Undeniably, the oxford shoes match the vibes of every occasion and event. Here are some of the types of Oxford-style shoes that are next to perfect for your sophisticated look.

  • Cap-toe Oxfords: Cap-toe oxford shoes come with an extra piece of leather hemmed over the toe.
  • Wingtip Oxfords: With their embellished M-shaped toe cap, these oxfords are an excellent pick for semi-formal outfits. Look at these Leather Wingtip Oxford Shoes for the perfect example of wingtip oxfords.
  • Plain-toe Oxfords: Featuring a plain or no-toe cap, they are an apt choice if you want to follow a strictly formal setting.
  • Whole-cut/One-piece Oxfords: As their name speaks louder, they are single-piece leather shoes with a uniquely closed lacing system.

Most Preferred Shoe Color in Oxford Style

Setting up a style statement for men, oxford shoes are available in various colors and patterns. Each shade has a standout charm and goes well with various outfits. Let’s have a glance at a few preferred oxford shoe colors.

1. Brown Color Oxfords

Brown Color Oxfords

Brown oxford shoes for men give an aesthetic look to your entire outfit if paired with a navy, grey or dark brown formal suit. So, mix and match your brown oxfords with these colors, and flaunt your dressing sense among your friends.

2. Tan Color Oxfords

Tan Color Oxfords

Don’t go with the name of this shade! It’s a simple yet prominent color in the Oxford shoe’s category. Thanks to its dark and light tones for making this possible. Adorn your less formal look by choosing a pair of tan oxford shoes for you.

3. Black Color Oxfords

Black Oxford Shoes

Are you a business professional? Then, having a pair of black Oxford shoes in your wardrobe is something you cannot afford to miss. It’s one of the most versatile colors that combine well with every outfit. All in all, it’s perfect for a polished look.

When Should You Wear Oxford Shoes?

The elegant style of Oxford shoes for men makes them an exceptional companion for all types of formal apparels. If you wish to look smart, carrying a pair of polished Oxford shoes is all you need to do. Indeed, their versatility makes them apt for office meetings, weddings, funerals and many other events.

Are you a college student and nervous about your job or internship interviews? Pairing Oxford shoes with your formal dress can give you some confidence. It’s because these shoes enhance your personality and make you look professional in the interviewer’s eyes.

Most Suitable Outfits with Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes

If it’s about the men’s dress shoes, the Oxford-style shoes are always on the top of the ladder. This charming footwear style lends a spruce touch to outfits for centuries, and its legacy continues. There is a cornucopia of Oxford-shoe outfits you can embrace. Scroll down to know a few of them.

1. Jeans with Oxford Shoes

Are you probing for a casual yet stylish look? Pair your Oxfords with navy-blue jeans. Wear a grey V-neck sweater to enhance your casual look. A Polo shirt tucked in your jeans will also work. Oxford shoe colors like brown or burgundy go well with such combinations.

2. Formal Pants with Oxford Shoes

Formal Pants with Oxford Shoes

Breathe a dash of sophistication into your appearance by teaming your Oxfords with formal pants. A combination of a brown check blazer and black dress pants is an impeccable option. For a contemporary gentleman look, you can carry black Oxfords with a vertical striped suit too.

3. Khaki Chinos with Oxford Shoes

What are your thoughts about a smart-casual look for the next day’s lunch? Rock the combination of olive blazer and khaki chinos with tan Oxfords. Moreover, Oxford shoe colors like brown and black, match flawlessly with navy-blue chinos. Undoubtedly, this trendy look won’t let your guests take their eyes off you.

After knowing details about why you should pick Oxford shoes for men, now let's have a quick look at a few FAQs about these shoes.

FAQs on Oxford Shoes

1. How to Clean Oxford Style Shoes?

Cleaning Oxford-style shoes is easy. Firstly, wipe your oxford shoes with a dry cloth. After this, dampen a clean cloth in an oil-based soap solution and rub it smoothly over the shoe. In case of stubborn stains, hard scrubbing in a circular motion will work. Let the pair of shoes dry overnight before you wear them.

2. What is the Difference Between Derby and Oxford Shoe?

Oxford and Derby shoes distinguish from each other due to their lacing system. Oxford style shoes have a closed lacing, while Derby shoes feature an open lacing pattern. Another name for Oxfords is Balmoral shoes. However, the Derbies are popular as Blucher shoes.

3. How Do You Tie Oxford Shoes?

Step 1: Evenly insert the laces into the bottom eyelets of the shoe.

Step 2: Insert the right lace to the second-left eyelet. Similarly, insert the left lace into the third-right eyelet (skip the second-right eyelet).

Step 3: Take the left lace and insert it into the second-left eyelet. Later, feed it into the fourth-left eyelet (skip the third-left eyelet).

Step 4: Continue the process until both ends reach the final eyelet.

4. Are Oxford Shoes Good?

Yes, Oxford shoes are considered excellent footwear options, especially when kept well-polished with tidy lacing. The best part is that Oxford shoes never go out of style, making them a timeless choice.

5. How Oxford Shoes Should Fit?

If your Oxford-style shoes are hugging your feet, it means they fit you perfectly. However, they should be comfortable at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, incorporating a pair of Oxford shoes into your outfit is an adornment to your overall personality. Are you looking for some oxford dress shoe, two tone oxford shoes, wingtip oxford shoes or casual oxford shoes options? We, at LIBERTYZENO give you an impeccable range of Oxfords at the best prices. We always strive to offer the most iconic and comfortable pair of shoes to our prestigious customers. Let’s be more classy by wearing a pair of Oxford shoes!

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