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How to Wear Black Shoes for Men: Ultimate Black Casual and Dress Shoes Fashion Guide with Outfits

How to Wear Black Shoes for Men: Ultimate Black Casual and Dress Shoes Fashion Guide with Outfits

It is true that a man is judged by the shoes he wears! But what's also true is that rigid fashion is passe, and these days Oxfords can be paired with jeans and Monk Straps with suits! But then such rules have still not fully changed for black shoes for men. And thus, this gender at times finds it tricky how to wear all black shoes.

Men's Black Shoes

And to lessen your hassle, we are here with an ultimate fashion guide on how to wear and style black shoes for men! We will go step by step understanding of the types of black dress shoes for men and later black casual shoes for men. And side by side understand how to wear all black shoes in a manner that you look dapper and extraordinary, even in simple attire.

Black Dress Shoes

When the shoe style is formal and sophisticated, with the craft done in leather, then these are called dress shoes. Black dress shoes need good maintenance via polishing and ample care. Let's now take a look at what dress shoes options generally look great on men:

Black Dress Shoes

1. Oxford Shoes

Slight heel and a pointed toe of a laced-up leather shoe are what signifies them as Oxford shoes. Black oxford shoes are always in vogue and never run out of fashion.

2. Derby Shoes

While the Oxford shoes have a closed-lace design, the Derby's despite having a similar design, have a wider fit but with an open-laced design.

Black Derby Shoes

3. Brogues

Low-heeled leather shoes that have brogues or a punching pattern either along the vamp or on the shoe vamp get their name. Among men’s brogue shoes, they are the top-rated in the fashion world.

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4. Monk Straps

When a piece of leather buckles over your instep of the shoe, then it's called a Monk Strap. Like many of the straps, so is the name like Double Monk Strap or Triple Monk Strap. When it comes to black shoes for men, monk straps are a great buy as they look cool with mostly all kinds of trousers and lowers.

black leather oxford style double buckle monk straps shoes for men

5. Two Tone Shoes

Highly stylish versions of Brogues and Wingtips. Two tone shoes are identified by having different leathers/colored leathers for the shoe toe, the shoe vamp or the shoe facings and counters.

6. Cap Toe Shoes

When the stitching across the toe box goes into a horizontal pattern so as it goes up to the welt on either side of the shoe, thereby forming a CAP on the toe). At times, the cap toe dress shoes may even have an additional piece of leather.

Cap Toe Dress Shoes

Outfit for Black Dress Shoes

Since the setting is formal, there are limited options on how to style black dress shoes for men. We are sharing some all-time trending ones.


Suits, practically in all colors, look great with black shoes for men, but we suggest you go for darker shades of suits when pairing them with black shoes. While single breasted suits will look perfect with black Oxfords, Brogues, Two Tones, the double breasted suits usually find a better match in Derby Shoes, Monk Straps and Cap Toe Shoes. Needless to add, wear a formal shirt and complete the look with some choicest accessories.

Suit and Black Shoes


Whether you wear the black Oxfords, Derby's, Brogues or Two Tone shoes on the trousers, what you need to ensure is the color of the pants should be dark, like deep olive, navy, steel gray, burgundy etc. But the formal shirt and a complimenting blazer (if there is one), need to be in lighter tones that compliment the color of the pants.


Jeans are that one garment that can practically be paired with any kind of shoes under the Sun. But when it comes to black dress shoes for men, then our 'how to wear black shoes for men' - fashion guide suggests that you go for Derby's, Monk Straps or the Cap Toe shoes as an ideal wear. Pair these up with a formal shirt. A blazer and a watch complete the whole look!

Black Casual Shoes

As the name suggests these are informal shoes that are highly comfortable and come out as an amazing pair in casual settings, be it a date night or a beach night or for that matter a dance party with friends.

1. Loafers

The most comfortable of the lot, these are simple slip-on shoes having slits at either side of the shoe tongue. The toe is rounded. Shoes may have been crafted from leather or any other material and can have straps too. Black loafers for men never run out of fashion trends.

2. Sneakers

Again the very comfortable laced up shoe that may be crafted in leather, suede or canvas. Also named trainers, Sneakers shoes have good sole cushioning and can also be used at the gym.

Black Casual Shoes

3. Chukkas

Usually, Chukka boots are crafted in leather or suede leather; these are ankle-length boots, having just two or three sets of eyelets for lacing. Very comfortable yet stylish casual shoes. Among the black leather shoes, Chukkas are always in great demand.

4. Chelsea Boots

Dating back to the Victorian era, these are ankle-high boots which have a close fit due to an elastic side panel. Since these are close fit, usually a loop is provided at the back of the foot, to enable you to take these off easily. These are often the top trending among black shoes for men.

5. Desert Boots

When the chukka boots have more than three eyelets having a closed up lacing system, you can somewhat call them the Desert Boots. These are usually again crafted in suede leather.

Outfit for Black Casual Shoes

Casual black shoes can be styled in more ways than you can even imagine since they go with any kind of attire, unlike Black Dress Shoes for Men, which work in a formal setting only. Our style experts share below how to wear black shoes with a casual outfit.

Outfit for black casual shoes


When the shoes are black, go for dark denim, like navy, gray, etc. Loafers, sneakers and to some extent even the Chukkas will look great on denims. Pair it up with a lighter T-shirt or half-sleeved shirt. You can always throw on a blazer as well, but in a complimenting color.


When you pair Chinos with black loafers for men, then go for a darker shade of the trouser. Navy, olive, burgundy, tan and more like those would look great even with black sneakers for men. But use a subtle top/T-shirt to look bright and dapper.


How to style your shorts with black color shoes for men depends on the surrounding that you are in. Black desert boots would look ideal if you are on a desert safari and so will the chukka boots. But when you are out for a casual evening with friends, then shorts and T-shirts/half-sleeved shirts can be paired with black loafers for men and even sneakers. Chelsea boots can also be paired with shorts, if you are on hiking or trekking in the hills.


Though we have listed almost everything related to 'how to wear black shoes for men' but what we repeatedly teach everyone irrespective of the gender is that - NEVER FORGET TO WEAR YOUR SMILE and SELF-CONFIDENCE. If you have more ideas on how to style black shoes for men, do write to us soon!


1. What color shirt goes with black shoes?

A white or light gray shirt complements black shoes elegantly. These neutral tones create a balanced contrast, enhancing your outfit's sophistication. Pastel shades like light blue or pink can add a subtle pop of color without overshadowing the classic appeal of black footwear.

2. Do black shoes go with light pants?

Yes, black shoes can harmonize with light pants effectively. Light-colored pants, such as beige or khaki, contrast stylishly with black shoes, offering a modern and versatile look suitable for various occasions. The combination exudes sophistication and allows the shoes to stand out without overpowering the ensemble.

3. What color suit to wear with black shoes?

A charcoal gray, navy blue, or deep burgundy suit pairs impeccably with black shoes. These classic suit colors complement the sleekness of black footwear while maintaining a sophisticated and timeless appearance suitable for formal and semi-formal events.

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